6 Ways You Can Use Mobile Video with Text Message Marketing

mobile video launched from a text message

One of the disadvantages of text message marketing is the 160 character limit.  It can be hard to get the details across let alone the story or feeling behind a message within this limitation.  Video is a great way to provide more information, an interview, or an entertaining clip within a text message.

With smartphone adoption creeping closer to 50% more and more people are able to view mobile videos on their phone.  YouTube (as well as other services like Vimeo and Brightcove) make it very easy to upload a video that’s compatible with most smartphones.  For example, videos uploaded to YouTube are by default mobile-ready.  You can even use the same URL from your desktop browser.  YouTube will detect for a mobile browser and redirect the viewer to the appropriate format.

If you need to build a database of text message subscribers here are three ways mobile video can help.  In all three the mobile video link would be contained in the auto-response text message.

  1. At your event have people text-in to see a quick video of what it took to put the event together behind-the-scenes.
  2. In your traditional media (especially radio, print, and outdoor) have your audience text-in to see a video of your product in-action or an interview with a recent customer.
  3. Create an ongoing video contest for people at your location.  Have your visitors shoot video of what they did there, a story they can tell, or something creative.  Pick one video to be the current favorite and have all other visitors text-in to watch (this is especially if they may be standing in line).

If you already have a database of text message subscribers here are three ways mobile video can help you better communicate with them:

  1. The next time you’re promoting an event last-minute, link your subscribers to a video that shows them all the fun everyone had at the last event, and why they should change their plans and attend.
  2. If you’re a nonprofit looking for support or donations there’s no doubt video will tell your story and stir emotions better than text alone.
  3. Text messaging is a great way to announce breaking news, but mobile video can help provide more information at a time when the audience is most interested.

3 things to keep in mind when sending mobile video via text message:

  1. Be sure to use a URL shortener (like to save characters and track the click-throughs.
  2. Keep the video length to less than 30 seconds.  You never know how much time your audience has to watch what you send, and if you lose them there’s a good chance they won’t come back to the message later.
  3. Avoid complex soundtracks that use music and voiceover.  If they don’t have headphones on you’ll be relying on the phone’s built-in speaker, which is never great.  If you’re going to use music with a voiceover keep the music as soft as possible.

Did we miss anything?  Have you tried sending mobile video over text message before?  What were the results like?

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Videos can play a significant role especially when it comes to marketing. Expressions and feelings that can be explained in a couple of seconds within some seconds are hard to define in long paragraphs.