Add a Text Message Marketing Component to Your Groupon Campaign to Boost Its Impact

Adding a SMS component to any marketing campaign is a quick, cheap, and easy way to maximize its effectiveness.  This is especially so for businesses engaged in marketing campaigns that involve special deals on a group-buying site like Groupon.  Adding a strategy to such a campaign that captures text messaging contact information is a great way to reignite an already engaged audience.

The audience most likely to respond to a Groupon or other Group-buying marketing campaign such as Living Social is an ideal audience to include in SMS follow-ups and second-chance offers.  People who subscribe to group-buying sites are already interested and committed to being updated with bargains and special offers.  They are usually tech-savvy and engaged in social media.  And they likely have an email in-box overflowing with deals!

If you want to break through to this audience with your follow-up offers, contacting them via SMS is the perfect way to break through their email overload and get your deal noticed.  Use this opportunity to text them ongoing offers and turn them into loyal customers!

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