Case Study: Political Campaign & Zip Code Targeting

About: A candidate up for a state-wide re-election wanted to send breaking news announcements and a voting-day reminder via text message to their supporters.  This technology would allow them to communicate with their voting audience in a more time-effective manner than email.

Challenge: Because campaign media, and events, would occur throughout the entire state the campaign needed a way of targeting outgoing SMS announcements by zip code after the database was built.

Solution: Working with JA.TXT the campaign put together a plan for using traditional media, the web, and events to encourage people to join the campaign’s mobile list.  By asking supporters who texted-in to reply with their zip code, through the auto-response message, the database could capture this information and help the campaign target specific areas of the state when sending breaking news and other announcements.

Results: The campaign was able to build not only a significant mobile database, they were also able to segment the database by zip code and easily send outgoing messages to specific areas through JA.TXT’s web interface.

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