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How Text Message Voting Helped the South Side Soup Contest Run a Better Event

Background: The South Side Soup Contest is an annual volunteer-driven event in the South Side neighborhood of Pittsburgh.  Each February soup lovers spend one Saturday afternoon visiting different retail locations to sample soups made by local restaurants.  As part of this event the attendees are able to vote for their favorite soup in different categories. […]

What is SMS Marketing?

We’ve been involved with text message marketing since 2004, and still one of the most common questions we hear is the most general one – “What is SMS (or text message) marketing?” How Does Text Message Marketing Work? We like to answer this question with a quick walk-through that demonstrates how SMS marketing works: Step […]

Using the Incentive to Qualify Leads in SMS Marketing

Incentive-based campaigns are a great way to generate new customer contacts. However, picking an appropriate incentive is the best way to generate a base that is truly interested in your business. Giveaways that offer a good or service related your business are more likely to attract opt-ins from a base that is actively interested in […]