How Do You Know If You Can Benefit from Text Message (SMS) Marketing?

how text message marketing could be used on a placemat

Wouldn't texting be easier than entering a long URL (smartphones only) or bothering someone for a sign-up sheet?

The poet John Greenleaf Whittier wrote that the saddest words are: “It might have been!” Whether it’s being too shy to ask for the number of that hot girl in geometry class, forgetting to play your lottery number and then having it hit, or failing to answer when opportunity knocks, no one wants to miss out on a great chance. That goes as well when it comes to your marketing strategy.

If you are not using text message marketing or short message service (SMS) for your business or organization, you may be missing out on a great marketing opportunity to cultivate clients, build relationships, and generate business or interest.

No one goes anywhere without a cell phone these days, making your customer always within reach when you use SMS. Ninety percent of text messages are read within 15 minutes of sending. Compare that to e-mail which has an open rate of 20 percent or less and requires access to a computer.

SMS is the most widely used mobile technology and is easier for your audience to use than e-mailing or trying to remember a long web address and typing it in later. All that is required is that the recipient responds to a text. For clients, SMS feels more active than other forms of marketing. Rather than a marketer taking your information, with SMS there is a sense of empowerment. Responders give their input. Think “Dancing with the Stars.” One of the reasons the show is so popular is that by texting their votes viewers gain a sense of being active participants, thereby building a relationship.

SMS is an effective way of gathering e-mail addresses and mobile phone numbers, which can be a tremendous revenue generator. Like a pair of black shoes, SMS goes with everything. It enhances traditional media such as TV, radio, print, outdoor, etc., providing an opportunity for a greater call to action than just watching, listening, or reading and hoping for a response. For businesses and non-profits that have on-site traffic such as restaurants or retail locations, those establishments can engage anyone who walks through their door via the mobile phone with SMS.

So how do you know if you need text message marketing?

  • If your audience members must scramble for a pen or paper to reply to your message, then you need SMS marketing.
  • If you are still using a clipboard and pencil on a string to gather e-mail addresses, then you need SMS marketing.
  • If your e-mails are not generating a response or are being ignored, then you need SMS marketing.
  • If your audience members must take a memory enhancement course to remember your web address, then you need SMS marketing.
  • If your current marketing strategy is missing the mark leaving you with that sick, sad, “what might have been feeling,” then you definitely need SMS marketing.

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