JA.TXT Receives Two Honors from the American Marketing Association

Text message marketing platform takes home honors in the Media & Marketing Services category and the prestigious Grand Marketer of the Year award.

PITTSBURGH, PA (January 5, 2012) – JA.TXT, a text message marketing platform developed by JA Interactive, a firm founded in 2003 that specializing in digital marketing technologies, received two honors at the Pittsburgh Chapter of the American Marketing Association’s Fifth Annual Marketer of the Year Awards Ceremony in December at LeMont on Mount Washington.   

Located on Sidney Street on Pittsburgh’s South Side, JA Interactive helps companies of all sizes and industries to implement effective web, social, and mobile marketing technologies.  Since 2005, JA Interactive has been at the forefront of text message marketing and has put all its knowledge and expertise into developing and marketing the JA.TXT text message marketing software.  The web interface is incredibly easy to use, is extremely flexible and powerful, and has given marketers a new tool for attracting business.

JA.TXT was honored for the strategy employed to market the software on the web through search results, email, and social media to businesses, nonprofits, and agencies throughout the country.  As a result of JA.TXT’s efforts in 2011, traffic to its website increased by more than 400 percent; JA.TXT has been listed on page one, two, or three nationally for the most common search phrases related to text message marketing; and its Twitter followers grew over 800 percent.  Also, its year-to-year revenue for JA.TXT has been estimated as increasing by over 300 percent.