Ditch the Clipboard and Build Your Petition Faster with SMS

No longer will you need extra volunteers and time to capture information from supporters via pen and paper. Now your audience can show their support and “sign” your petition in just a few seconds from their mobile phone. Not only does this make it easier for people to pledge their support at your events and rallies, it also allows you to grow your petition list through purchased media such as TV, radio, print, and outdoor.


Setting up an account is quick and easy. Just contact us at 1.888.932.0999,, or request a demo to start the process. One of our account managers will contact you within in one business day to go over some best practice ideas for your campaign. That’s right, an actual human will talk to you and answer any questions you have. Amazing!


Once your account is setup you can begin encouraging your audience to text your keyword to a 5 digit number and “sign” your petition with their last name and mobile number. This text-in call to action can be used not only during live events and rallies but in traditional media as well. Text messaging has been shown to deliver much better results than driving traffic to a website or phone number. Capture more supporters faster and easier than ever before.


By logging into your web account you will be able to view the names who have signed your petition. You can also download the data in Excel format. If you have added the option of text message marketing you will have access to JA.TXT for sending outgoing messages to your supporters throughout your campaign. Since each “signature” is stamped with a day and time you will be able to see which events and media placements are working the best for you.

CASE STUDY: Pittsburgh Community Alliance for Public Education (A+ Schools)

Let us tell you how we worked with A+ Schools to use text messaging on t-shirts, at events, and through the media to build a support list for an important teachers contract renewal.

Ready to See More?

Request a demo on our contact page, or give us a call at 1.888.932.0999, and an account representative will contact you within one business day to setup a time for a demo of the service and discuss any questions you might have.

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