Summary: Why SMS Marketing Makes Sense for Small Business

Here is a quick recap of this recent Mashable article about SMS marketing and small businesses:

Smartphone adoption has been slower than expected but nearly all US mobile phones can send and receive text messages.

Because SMS marketing is still somewhat uncommon companies who use this channel now have a chance to innovate and open up new opportunities.

Reach a broad consumer base – Using SMS opens up your customer service or marketing campaign to a much wider audience than a smartphone app.

The intimacy of mobile phones – Aside from hearing aids and other medical devices, the mobile phone is the most personal form of technology that exists today.  Treating your messages like a conversation and offering real value is crucial.

Limitations – The key limitations of texting include the 160 character limit (in the US), the time and expense of obtaining a dedicated shortcode, and the cost of the text messages for your audience if they do not have a texting plan with their carrier.

Is SMS marketing a dying breed of marketing? Considering 2008 was the first year text messages outnumbered mobile calls, and smartphone users are 7 times more likely to receive text alerts, experts feel the technology will be widely used for many years to come.

Tips and Tricks – Even if a business is not sure how they will use SMS it’s never too early to start collecting the mobile numbers.

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