Text Messaging is an Easy Call-to-Action

text message marketing should be on restaurant check cards

The card above was inserted into a restaurant check-fold.  Let’s examine the call-to-action:

You could – use your smartphone, if you have one, to go online and visit the web address, which was not mobile-optimized.

First, you need a smartphone.  Second, you need patience to wait for the site to load, find the content entry form, and pinch/zoom until you can fill out the form.

You could – put this card in your pocket or purse and carry it around with you until you’re at a computer, and then remember to pull out the card, visit the website, and enter.

Nobody likes to carry junk around in their pocket or purse.  A few people may do this, but not many.  When was the last time you did?

What’s a better a call-to-action?

How about – “Text the word DUBLIN to 12345 for your chance to win.”  There’s a greater chance their phone can text message than go on the mobile web, not to mention text messaging is easier than bringing up a website, especially one that isn’t optimized for mobile.

You can even ask for their email address.  In the first auto-response text message you can ask them “To complete your contest entry, please reply with your email address.”  This will net two pieces of contact information at once; mobile phone number and email address.

People are distracted and busy.  Text messaging is quick and easy.

This restaurant check-fold card is just one example.  There are plenty of examples everyday where traditional advertising channels are asking consumers to “call now” or “visit a website” when they should be asking the consumer to pull out the phone in their pocket and send a quick text message.  Take advantage of their interest at that moment and give them something simple to do.  You’ll build a larger database and generate better results.

What do you think? Have you tried this before?