Text Message Marketing Targets Everyone

If you think texting is just for kids, you may be getting old. Some businesses still believe that a text messaging campaign will only reach young people, but recent research shows that this is simply not the case.

Already persons in their 20s, 30s, and 40s are sending more text messages than making phone calls. And the above 50 set is now the fastest growing audience for mobile messaging. According to research released by the Neilson Company, the number of baby-boomers using text messaging is on the rise having quadrupled since 2008! The average person over-50 sent more than 324 messages a month last year. Even more intriguing, 51% of women over 65 use texting. Text messaging is fast becoming the go-to vehicle for communication for people of any age bracket.

Of course young people led the way in SMS usage, but as the older crowd becomes more and more frustrated with the internet and email spam loading up their inboxes, they have been increasingly turned towards text messaging as their primary means of digital communication. Because of this switch, it is becoming more important to target this demographic in SMS campaigns .

If you want to reach your widest audience where they are, texting is the way to reach everyone!

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