Text Message Marketing Done Right

SMS marketingIf you’ve done your homework you’ve probably come across a few kinds of SMS marketing software.  If you are wondering what makes JA.TXT different we hope you’ll read this:

This is not a “do-it-yourself” product. We have always felt with any marketing technology it’s not the technology that delivers the exceptional results at the end of the day it’s the strategy, planning, and execution.  We help each and every client with those crucial items.  Whether you’re planning your first or tenth campaign with our system, when you call us you will talk to an account manager who will work with you one-on-one to deliver the best possible outcome for your team.

Mobile Marketing Campaigns Made Easy

Reliability is extremely important to us. Delivering tens of thousands of text messages at one time is not easy.  We have heard horror stories about problems companies have had with their SMS marketing systems and we’re always working to make sure our clients never have those stories to tell.  When you send a message at 4pm it shouldn’t show up at 4am.  We take reliability very seriously and we will make sure we can handle your campaigns, no matter how large your database grows.

We’re not going anywhere. In the past few years quite a few companies have popped up in the text messaging arena, and quite a few have left.  We’re proud to say, not only have we been involved with text message marketing since 2005, JA Interactive (the parent company) has been helping organizations, both large and small, with marketing technologies since 2003.  We feel the numerous clients who have been with us since the beginning speaks volumes about our steadfast commitment to customer service.

Mobile Phone Marketing Software

Our software rocks. We’ve spent years researching and developing what would make the best text message marketing platform.  When we launched JA.TXT in early 2009 we put everything we learned into this product.  Not only is the web interface incredibly easy to use, it’s extremely flexible and powerful.  Learn more about our SMS marketing software and some of the features and customizations available.