Why SMS Marketing Shouldn’t Be Overlooked as Mobile Marketers Seek Out Complexity

When discussing mobile marketing strategy with our clients we’re always quick to remind them making the solution more complex does not necessarily increase the results.  One of the main reasons we were drawn to text message marketing back in 2005 was because of its simplicity and cost-effectiveness.  This article from Mobile Marketing Watch is a good one to read before considering more sophisticated mobile marketing tactics –

There was an excellent article published today that detailed why the simplicity of SMS shouldn’t be overlooked in a world where mobile apps, the mobile Web and so many other mobile marketing concepts are vying for the attention of marketers.

“According to renaissance man Leonardo Da Vinci, ‘Simplicity is the greatest sophistication,” the article began.  ”A thought that is as relevant to marketing as it was to his scientific and artistic experimentation.”  This is something I’ve long believed in, even with the proliferation of new-age mobile technologies.  Whenever marketers want to begin experimenting with mobile marketing, they always want to try the “new thing,” which in most cases is a branded mobile app, a rich media banner campaign on the mobile Web or other relatively complex tactic.  Complex compared to SMS that is. Read More


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