No Risk. Help from Real Live Humans.

This is NOT the part where we take your credit card and hide behind email.  We help each new client setup their first campaign(s) over the phone to make sure they’re following best practices for text message marketing as it relates to their industry.

In addition, every client of ours has access to at least one hour per month of phone support for questions about creating new campaigns, changing current campaigns, performance metrics, or just talking about strategy in general.

$249 $189 per month
Best for organizations using traditional media to grow their database
5,000 outbound messages per month
5 active campaigns
2 hours of phone support per month
$129 Only $99 per month
Best for small to mid-sized businesses
and non-profits
2,000 outbound messages per month
2 active campaigns
1 hour of phone support per month
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Bulk discounts on messages
Customized plans for large organizations and nationwide campaigns
API Integration
Custom-built SMS applications
Marketing and application development support

Do you have other questions?

No sweat.  Simply call 1-888-932-0999 (option 1), send an email to, or submit a request using this form.

Don’t worry, you won’t be talking to a commission-paid salesperson.  You’ll be getting help from one of our account representatives who will take the time to answer all of your questions.  We look forward to helping you soon!