Keyword Strategies for Segmenting Your SMS Marketing Database

Keywords are the mobile marketer’s best friend.  A strategic use of keywords can provide vital information about those responding to your campaign.  This information can then be used to segment your database so that you can tailor follow-up campaigns to suit each of your followers.

Keywords can be used to identify where users obtained your codes.  For example, a delivery service might feature a text-in ad campaign and advertise in bus shelters around a city.  By placing a different keyword on each ad, the delivery service can determine from where in the city the greatest number of respondents is coming.   With this information in your pocket, you can customize secondary offers or follow up calls to action to the residents and patrons of specific areas.

This information gathered from keywords can also be used to understand which ad was most effective.  By knowing what ads reached your audience and what ad failed to generate a response, you can streamline future SMS marketing campaigns to target your most engaged demographic.  For example, a bakery might try to reach out to new customers through newspaper flyers, outdoor signs, social media, and a radio advertisement.  By attaching a different SMS keyword to each medium, the bakery can determine which advertising method produced the most contacts.

Keywords have enormous potential for generating information about your base.  Always use them to your advantage in your text message marketing campaigns!