The Only Two Ways a Text Messaging Campaign Can Fail

Text messaging campaigns can help you build a very large database quickly and easily. However, if your SMS campaign is not generating great results, the culprit is almost always one of these two reasons:

1. The incentive does not motivate the customer into taking action

2. The customer does not see the call to action due to poor placement or visibility

Incentives need to motivate the customer into taking an immediate action. One great qualities of text message marketing is that almost every one carries a cell-phone. So rather than forcing the customer to copy down a web address for later use that may be miscopied or lost, people can respond to your campaign immediately. However, you must offer an incentive that propels them into taking action. Ifyou don’t give them a good reason to text-in (discount, giveaway, exclusive offer, important news, etc.) they most likely won’t take the time.

But no matter what incentive you offer, your audience will not opt in to your campaign if they’re not aware of it. If your promotion is advertised in a venue with low visibility or if your text-in call-to-action is hard to find in your advertisement, your text marketing campaign will loose its impact. Like in all forms of marketing, your information needs to be prominently displayed and instructions easily understood.

Always remember to give them a reason to text-in, and make sure they know about it!