Using the Incentive to Qualify Leads in SMS Marketing

Incentive-based campaigns are a great way to generate new customer contacts. However, picking an appropriate incentive is the best way to generate a base that is truly interested in your business. Giveaways that offer a good or service related your business are more likely to attract opt-ins from a base that is actively interested in your company rather than people just interested in a prize.

For example, let us examine a hypothetical case of an LASIK surgery office looking to increase the number of text and email contacts they have by launching an SMS opt-in giveaway campaign. While putting up a flashy prize such as an iPad might attract a lot of new contacts, these new additions may not be ideal potential or long-term clients. It is likely that these new opt-ins responded to the campaign only to win the prize, and may have little interest in the business outside of the giveaway. Tempting, high value gifts like computers, cars or concert tickets may have wide, universal appeal but do not target a demographic likely to provide the optometrist with further business.

For this business a better incentive might be to give away a free LASIK exam as the prize. The people who respond to a giveaway such as this are more likely to be interested in the actual service in the future. There’s a better chance of the people who didn’t win turning into actual clients.

If you can attract relevant contacts via a targeted giveaway campaign you now have another golden opportunity to turn these new contacts into interested customers. This interested base can then be reactivated via second-chance offers. For example – “We’re sorry but you didn’t win the free surgery. However, if you schedule an appointment in the next 10 days we’ll give you …” And now that you have a list of contacts that has shown they desire your services, you can now update them on all your events and specials features of your business.

Remember: the goal is not just to attract contacts, but ultimately to attract customers.

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