Why People Prefer SMS Marketing

There is a common misconception among businesses using SMS marketing for the first time: They fear that their attempts to reach out to their customer base via text message will be viewed as an annoyance. We here at JA.TXT would like to put that notion to rest.

Not only will your customers not see your text marketing campaigns as invasive, research shows that loyal customers in fact prefer this method of contact. A local wine club we spoke with asked its members how they would like to be contacted and updated about events and promotions. Members in their 30s and 40s overwhelmingly preferred to be contacted via text message as opposed to any other method of contact, like email. The owners of this wine club were surprised, but the results of this poll make sense.  Here’s why:

  • The text messages won’t be seen as intrusive because the customers will be opting-in to receive them.
  • Because most people receive relatively few text messages (compared to email), the messages are never buried or lost like an email might be.
  • SMS is immediate, delivering time-sensitive information in way that is most relevant to the user.Most texts are opened within 10 minutes of reception, making sure your customers never miss great deals or last-minute events.
  • If the message has value to the customer they’ll want to receive it via text message because they know that’s the most reliable and immediate direct marketing channel.

Bottom line: Don’t worry about annoying your audience with text messages. As long as the message is something they want to receive they will embrace them!